10 Ways to save & boost your Travel fund.

These are 10 of the ways I save money & earn income to boost my savings and travel fund. Most of them I do automatically now and I have saved a lot

  1. Keep track of your spending. Write everything in a diary or notebook. You will think about spending if you make yourself accountable. It helps to know what you are spending money on and what income streams are working. I still go out and have dinner, go to events I want, etc but I write it all down and that helps me pull my head in if I get too enthusiastic about spending. Work out a budget and stick to it. Make sure you include extras like birthdays and social events but it helps to keep it
  2. Cut out the extras or at least cut down i.e. Shop bought coffee, make it at home and take a travel mug. Don’t buy lunches and snacks every day - make your own and take them with you
  3. Nights out and socializing - limit them - meet friends at home, have a dinner party or bbq and everyone brings their own. Alcohol from the bottle shop is cheaper than in a club or pub.
  4. If you want to dine out, check if local venues have specials on. Our local pub had 50% off the bill for all of January, some do 2 for 1 deal or steak and schnitzel nights. If you want to go out for dinner go on these nights.
  5. Review your insurance policies for each renewal, ring the companies and speak to them. I’ve had reductions in most of my insurance policies by doing this. It automatically increases each year and the payout value reduces. Companies will offer incentives for you to stay with them.
  6. If you have pay-TV with Foxtel, call them and say you are going to cancel, they will offer you a discount. or just cancel and save the whole lot. I love my TV so I go for the reduced price. Shop around too as there are so many streaming companies now and they have the same programs. Binge is $14 a month and has a lot of Foxtel shows.
  7. Shop around for the cheapest option for Electricity, Gas, internet, mobile phone plans, etc. Companies like select and Make it Cheaper can give you an option but they are affiliate companies so you can always contact the company yourself and make a deal. They also only have a certain list of companies so it's not the best price between all the agencies so try a few comparison companies.
  8. Fill your car up on the cheap petrol days and keep it topped up, don't let it get down to empty as then you may have to fill up on a high price day. Often Tuesdays are the cheapest days but it does vary. You can check the prices online to see where the cheapest fuel is. google cheap fuel near me.  https://petrolspy.com.au if you aren't in Australia, there should be something similar in your country.
  9. Shopping and cheap fuel - Companies like Costco can be cost-effective -the membership is $60 annually ($55 for a business) and you get 2 cards. Work with some family and/or friends and bulk shop together and split the cost. The petrol is usually about 10c per litre cheaper too for E10.
  10. Apply for a seniors card you are over 60, there are a lot of senior discounts and it can be used overseas for transport and discounted entrance fees. Some shops have pensioners day where you get 10% off. 

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