20 ways to make extra income.

Here are some ideas of ways to earn some extra income. You don't need to do them all but one or two might be something you can see yourself doing and hadn't thought of.

1.) Sell clothes, furniture, games, etc that you are no longer using 

Sell on Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, or have a garage sale, boot sale, or market stall. It's surprising how much you can make. You could even advertise in your local area to see if there are others that want to do it and organize your own group boot sale or street garage sale/market etc. Things like games, clothes, furniture, any household items, tools, etc

2.) Sell your old CDs and LPs.

There is more money in Lps of course and they will go quickly if they are classic rock or sort after albums. Do your homework on their value as you don't want to sell something rare for cheap. Advertise on Marketplace,  Gumtree as there are no fees. If you use Paypal as a payment option you may get charged a fee, use the send to a friend service and there are often no fees. You do have to be willing to deal with people on these sites mucking you around but if you have a good collection that you are happy to part with you can make a fair bit of money this way. DVDs don’t sell for much. There are specific sites for Vinyl etc. Vintage Glassware, Tupperware, etc are sort-after items. I've made about $4,000 so far.

3.) Sell your unwanted books.

Textbooks if still current often fetch a good price as do popular fiction books. You can also take the books you have read to get credit at a second-hand book shop so you save money on your next book purchase.  

4.) Propagate and sell plants

If you are an avid gardener. Easy to take cuttings and then just wait until they are established. Even better if they are rare or hard to find. 

5.) Revamp secondhand furniture

Buy it from markets, garage sales, or pick it up on kerbside and revamp it. There is a good market for this if you can produce a quality product or if it's an unusual item. 

6.) Become an affiliate

Get payments for recommending products or companies. If you would like to know more about this keep an eye on my page as I am just starting this process. Look around the room you are sitting in. In everything in that room was a product you or someone else purchased.

7.) Sell products on Amazon, Kogan, eBay, Etsy, etc

You can source the product and then sell it or make your own if you have a skill.  If you have skills that are useful to others then consider making a how-to video or instruction book or you could become a consultant. Offer your services either hourly or at a fixed price depending on what you do.

8.) Write an ebook.

If you are good at anything -making things, yoga, dancing, arts or craft, researching, writing an ebook. You can even outsource the writing if need be. Then list the book on Kindle, Amazon, eBay, etc. Make sure it gives value to the reader and is easy to read and follow. Make sure your cover and title stand out and grab attention.

9.) Airtasker

Is a service a lot of people make money on. I’ve not used it myself but I know others that have. People list jobs they need to be completed and the price they are willing to pay and you answer their ad. It can be as simple as picking up someone's shopping, taking a load of rubbish to the tip, doing some weeding, gardening, or housekeeping.  You don't necessarily have to have a trade of a skill. You could also advertise your services on Marketplace or Gumtree or on a local community board.

10.) Become a Tutor 

Tutor students in person at your home or theirs or at a library, etc face facing or online with facetime Or using sites like Udemy. If dealing with children you may need to obtain a blue card.

11) Fiverr

Is another company where you can offer your services like writing, translating, social media posting, playing pranks, teaching, creating music, voiceovers, and short video clips. The standard price is $5 (hence the name) but you can attach extra service for more money. You can also use the service for yourself ie if you want to produce an ebook or start a website but would like a bit of help with the writing or set up etc.

12.) Sell your photos if you are a good photographer.

Either print and frame them, print on canvas or upload them to a stock website or have your own website and sell the digital print. I know a few people who do this and make an income from it. 

13.) Participate in medical studies and trials.

I’ve done this myself and so has my daughter. You can get paid a few thousand for a trial. You need to submit an application and they will decide if you are a suitable applicant. Make sure you check out what you are signing up for though. They are medical trials. I'm on a couple of waiting lists now. I tried out for 2 trials that I didn't qualify for and just by attending the screen processes I earned $400 in gift cards. 

14.) Wash and details cars

Advertise locally and offer to wash cars while people are at work or at home. Advertise on Facebook, Marketplace and Gumtree, etc, and on local community boards. People are pressed for time so happy to pay for someone else to do the work.

 15.) Make and sell products online like t-shirts, mugs, hats, jewelry, etc. 

There are different companies that do all the work for you, you just upload your design and list it with them, and then when a purchase is made, they make the shirt and send it out to the customer. They get their fee and you get the balance. I've checked out a fee and signed up so I can let you know if it's worth doing it.  There are several outlets, Spring (formally known as TeeSpring), Printfull, Cafepress are a few. I'm in the process of trying them out and will post more about that soon.

16.) Try your hand on the stock market

 know this seems daunting but I have friends that do it and they make money on it. I am thinking of doing an online course to learn more. I will give myself a budget and stick to it. If I can make it happen I will write about it.

17.) Sell your old mobile phone.

If you are going to upgrade but your old phone is fine, remove any data, make sure your phone is unlocked and give it a clean. There are several websites that sell refurbished phones or where you can compare and value your phone and then list it on Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, etc. Same with ipads, tablets, laptops, etc. Obviously, the newer and better condition the phone is in the more you will get.

18.) Check unclaimed money

 You may have funds sitting there you didn't know about.  When I checked I had $245 that was from when Compass Airlines had gone into receivership and I had paid accounting fees on my booking. It can be from bank accounts, shares, investments, and life insurance policies that have been sitting untouched - the government transfers the funds to unclaimed money if an account has not been touched for a certain period of time. Interest is also payable. Also, check you have no super that's not been paid as this often happens  

* Other places to search for lost money

There are other processes for tracking and claiming lost superannuation, money held by state governments, and unpaid wages on these government websites:

   *   Australian Taxation Office – Find lost superannuation by registering for the Australian  Taxation Office's online services on myGov.

   *  State government – Find lost money from deceased estates, lost share dividends, salaries and wages, cheques, over-payments, proceeds of the sale, and more.

   *  Fair Work Ombudsman – Find unpaid wages.

19.) You could try your hand at Bingo.

There's no guarantee of winning but it's fun. I budget it as my night out and have dinner. It's a cheap night out, it's fun and there is a chance of winning big jackpots if you choose the right location. If the cost is not within your budget avoid it though. Where I play I buy a tablet with a full set of cards in each game plus 1 extra offline game its $26.00. It's easier than the old way with the paper tickets and marker but both options are available. I have seen a couple win $4000 in a night, I'm not that lucky though. 

20.) Market Stall

If you can cook or have extra produce or plants you grow you could have a market stall each weekend or month and sell your wares. These can be quite profitable and if your goods and produce are quality you will have regular customers. Or have a food stall and sell cooked food.

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