5 ways to earn rewards points which you can then cash in and increase your savings or use as gifts to save on spending


1.) Valued Opinions is a market research panel where you complete online surveys and earn rewards. It's simple, register, participate in surveys, diary studies, or test products at home and earn rewards you can redeem for gift vouchers from retailers like Woolworths, Coles and Bunnings, JB HI-FI, the Apple Store, etc. You can earn up to $5 for completing a survey. The reward depends on the survey length and detail. www.valuedopinions.com

* I’ve found a few other online survey sites which I will try and if they work add to this post with more details.


2.) Honey gives you money back on purchases. You load Honey onto your computer and when you make a purchase Honey searches for the best deal.  Honey was companies like Dymocks, Dell, Groupon, Apple, Amazon, Youfoodz, etc over 30,000 stores. If you invite/refer friends with your code, they get Gold for signing up and installing the Honey Browser extension, you get 500 gold when they sign up using your link and make their first qualifying purchase, once you collect 800 gold you can redeem it for a $10 gift card. The best value with honey is the discounts when you make a purchase though. This is my link to join. I've banked $30 this week as well as gotten the best price.


3.) Flybys - get points each time you shop at Coles, Kmart, Target, HCF, Catch, Shell Coles Express, Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, and associate stores. It's Free to have the card, you just need to scan it at each shop and you can redeem points for either money off your shopping, purchasing goods, or activities like movie tickets. They are linked with Virgin airlines now so you can get flying points too. Once a year they send out extra vouchers to get more points too, you just have to remember to use them. I now have enough points to fund a domestic flight. 

4.) Rewards cards - Qantas Money/Woolworths rewards - points on foreign currency when you top up their travel card. Woolworths rewards and frequent flyers. More about the flight benefits below but as a rewards member because I have my car insurance with them I get 10% off one shop month so I make it my biggest one, plus I often get a $10  discount off my shop. Each time I shop and scan my card I earn points which I use when booking flights. I just booked my flights to Scotland and I go my return flight with my points. I have upgraded to Business class using points too. 

It's free to join, you can have just a rewards card or you can have a credit card that is linked to the rewards. You collect a minimum of 1 point for each dollar when you scan your card at Woolworths and participating partners.

You are going to shop and buy petrol anyway, why not get some extras. Each time you reach 2000 points (which doesn't take long just doing regular shopping) you can choose to get $10 off a future shop or convert to 1000 Qantas Points which is what I do. I still get the $10 off sometimes, still get a discount on my petrol, and still get 10% off my shop each month. If you download the app you get more points too as with most of them

There are lots of partners, BWS, Big W, Caltex, Origin, Bupa, etc


5.) You could enter competitions. No guarantee of payment but it's fun. If you enter online competitions be prepared to be inundated with spam emails though, it seems to come with the territory. Most are free to enter.

*Win Free Stuff Site - www.win-free-stuff.com.au is a site that lists a lot of current competitions. You register and they send you emails regularly or just log in. There are hundreds of competitions listed. One of the current competitions is to win $35,000 worth of camping gear. It's free to enter you need to provide your contact details and sign up for email newsletters. This is what most of the businesses are after so be prepared to receive a lot more emails.  You can win a training session with an NBL coach worth $2000 -free to enter

Tips for winning: - Enter as many as possible, always read the terms and conditions, Set up a free email account, and use it for the competitions so your regular email doesn't get spammed.  

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