I love to travel & would like to share my stories, tips and lessons and encourage others to do the same.

Ten years ago I never would have believed that I would be traveling the world and helping others to do the same with Spirit of Outlander Tours, and now building a website and an online business.

I started this page to help others do the same by providing travel information and assistance and hopefully bringing together a community of like-minded people where you will find support and inspiration. There are so many older women and men that would love to see the world, but either doesn't know where to start or don't have anyone to travel with.

Since travel is currently restricted I thought it would be a great time to plan the next trip, find new sources of income, and help others do the same. I'm a technically challenged baby boomer so if I can do it anyone can, if you have similar interests, I invite you to join me on this journey.  I hope we can inspire each other and continue to follow our dreams.

Join our community and start planning.  cheers Cherie


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