Travel Inspiration

I hope you find my Travel to Scotland Guide, inspiring and that the information assists you to plan your own trip or come with us on tour.

I can't always be on the go, I'm past that age of living out of a backpack and I have children and grandchildren I like to spend time with but I still love to travel.

While I’m at home I love to plan trips, work on this site and my blogs and I love to surround myself with things that inspire me to just enjoy life, rekindle memories from trips past, etc.

My travel inspiration comes from Books, Quotes, Music, TV shows, Movies, Photos, and more, I hope they inspire you too. 





Travel To Scotland Inspiration - Podcasts, Quotes to Motivate and Inspire, Scottish Culture & History, Food, Language, Music, Movies, Documentaries, Outlander & more.

Would love to hear what inspires you too?



  1. Words of Inspiration -Some of my favorite Quotes and Sayings about, travel, work, finances, and life
  2. A guide to Scottish words, expressions and their meaning.
  3. Traditional Scottish Food and Drink
  4. Podcasts from Inverness Outlanders.
  5. Music
  6. Book
  7. TV Shows
  8. Movies
  9. Art