Travel to Scotland -Who am I?

Hi, I'm Cherie or known to my friends as Ree. Welcome to Travel Outlander.

Have you always wanted to Travel to Scotland? Maybe my story will inspire you to do the same.

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me and what to expect. I’m single (divorced many years ago), in my 60’s, so a senior citizen (don’t know how that happened!) and I love to travel, especially to Scotland. I‘m an Outlander fan (I can see my kids rolling their eyes when I say that) and I am trying my hand at blogging to help inspire other women to follow their dreams whether it's a trip to Scotland. or something else. I've spent the Covid lockdown also known as the travel void, learning how to build a website from scratch and now trying my hand at blogging and affiliate marketing. It's not that I am tech-savvy in fact I'm technically challenged, I just love learning new things, it's something I can do from home and hopefully will help others who want to travel achieve their dream as I have. It also helps with droughtlander. 


Initially, I just organized an Outlander Tour in Scotland because I couldn't find an Outlander tour that offered all I was looking for. Back in 2016 Outlander wasn't that popular in the UK.

I found when I was talking to people, especially older women they wanted to go but were hesitant as they were on their own and found the idea too daunting.  I realized there are a lot of women who want to travel but find the whole process overwhelming.  They have either never been overseas or have always traveled with a partner that took care of everything or was there as support and company and now for a variety of reasons find themselves on their own and trying to tackle the process alone.

I understood the worry completely as it can seem unobtainable and quite scary and I felt that way myself, I also noticed a lot of them had lost their confidence and sense of community. They've been busy raising children, looking after partners or other family members, and in the process put their wants and needs on the back burner. Finally, they were in a place in their lives to do something for themselves but had no idea how to go about it or the process seemed all too hard.

As older women, we seem to just become invisible to the outside world and that’s not good enough. I see it as our time to shine! We are older, but still have hopes, dreams, and desires.

2017 tour at Culloden House about to have afternoon tea


I worked with a few people to put the first tour together and traveled in 2017 and it was such fun and so many others that couldn't make it on that tour wanted to go, we decided to just keep going. Julia, my travel agent in Inverness has become a friend and is honestly the best travel agent I have ever dealt with. She goes above and beyond.

If you would like to read the full story on how I got to this point click here.


Our Spirit of Outlander Tours are our main tours and we've been in 2017, 2018, and 2019, it started with 1 tour in 2017 and now we have 4 going in 2022. It‘s so great to have that common connection of Outlander but I also organize tours to other parts of the world and a few of us travel together. So far I’ve we've been on 11 tours, including the  3 Spirit of Outlander Tours. We have traveled to Ireland and Italy twice and India so plus some smaller tours around Scotland. Obviously, Covid put a stop to everything in 2020 but we are back up and ready to go again this year in August. I also do a bit of solo travel.

Our tour members from 2017, 2018, and 2019 all still chat daily and have continued to stay connected. We have the common bond of Outlander and our love of Scotland but it becomes more than that once you've traveled together, the shared experiences bond us. Lifelong friendships have been formed and even if they can't come back each year like some do they still connect online and meet up when they can.

Our new 2022 members are getting to know each other along with the returning tour members in our group chat ready for their next adventure in August.  Our returning members are keen to catch up on our reunion tour heading to Shetland and the Orkneys this year and they are helping the newbies with any questions they may have as am I.

Our first tour in 2017, to say we were ecstatic to finally be at Lallybroch is an undertatement.


lol, I heard the words in my head as I wrote the heading “Your mission, Cherie, should you choose to accept it”, but don't worry the website won't self-destruct in five seconds.

I find words like ‘My Journey’ or My Mission to be overused and I don't actually feel comfortable using them but you have to go with the status quo. So my actual mission or what I am working towards is to try and help as many ‘mature age but young at heart’ women (and men if they choose to join us) realize their dreams of traveling to Scotland by helping them through the process from start to finish or however much support they require to make it happen. I’d like to expand our Spirit of Outlander community to allow more of us to feel supported, connect with travel companions and make new friends from all over the world. To travel as much as I can myself and when eventually I’m too old to travel, to continue to support others and hopefully earn a passive income from my blog. I also would like to help anybody interested in doing what I have done - building a website and setting up a business from home to support their travel if they are interested.

Which of these options appeal the most? I know which option I choose for my old age.


Spirit of Outlander Edinburgh Tattoo tour, calling into Lallybroch on our way to Edinburgh in August 2019.



So if you have always dreamt of going to Scotland and would like some tips on how to achieve your dream then join our community and keep an eye on this page. I don't spam your email or send out annoying messages or emails. At this stage, it's just this website with my blog. I hope to eventually have a monthly newsletter that will go out to those that would like to be included on the mailing list. I will be recommending products, but only ones I have either used myself or I’ve researched a lot and know are great another perk of having a travel community, is we can recommend products and services to each other. I am hoping to at some point earn an income as an affiliate however that's just a bonus (if it happens). 

Join me on this journey, even if you are not in a position to travel yet and you just want to get ideas and help with your own trip, or you have an interest in Scotland, then keep an eye on the page for regular updates and new information.

So if you love Outlander and Scotland and have an interest in traveling, stick around and see what's next.2017 tour standing in for Craigh Na Dun standing stones.


If a tech-challenged, single, baby boomer like me can make it happen, then there's nothing stopping you. If I can inspire you even a tiny bit to go after your dreams and believe in yourself, I will be happy and have achieved my goal. If we build a supportive community of like-minded people who have similar goals there's nothing that can stop us. Well maybe Covid put a hold on it for a while but even that won't stop us now.

So follow my journey, and hopefully, you can join me or at the very least connect with others and get inspired to live your life following your dreams.

I hope you enjoy Travel Outlander. Feel free to drop me a line with suggestions, questions or just to say hi. If you make it to Scotland, I'll show you the Outlandish Cocktail our tour came up with and we can catch up. 



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